Friday, March 20, 2009

fly fishing declining?

From Operation Delta Duck, to Trout Underground, to Michael Gracie, who has a post up about the declining trend in fly fishing. Anecdotally, my favorite fly shop changed hands last year, but the saltwater guru shop guy that I've gone to for advice many times before has moved to a local and independent sporting goods store with a good fly fishing section (and higher prices). I'm still waiting for that flood of garage sale gear that was purchased after the movie, used once or twice, then hung up.

If you don't get around to Gracie's archives, at least check out this short conversation with Lefty Kreh.


Borepatch said...

Sort of off topic, but this brought Brad Paisley's "I'm going to miss her" to mind.

"Well, I love her, but I love to fish ..."

LC said...

On the decline: the plus is that those of us still fly-fishing might have a little more elbow room; the minus is the fewer river/watershed stewards. I was going to say it's a push, but the fewer stewards strikes me as a more important metric than my own personal enjoyment. Then again, such declines have been widely reported before.

mdmnm said...

Borepatch- wasn't familiar with that one, thanks!

Langdon- I feel the same way about reports of declining hunters; fewer people on the rivers/mountains, but fewer advocates or stewards.