Friday, February 06, 2009

various bits

A reference-blogging trifecta:

Via Gherkins & Tomatoes, a food history and recipe blog (check out the post on eating bait), a link to an interesting story on the etymology of "nachos" from the OED. "I had only learned of nachos a few years earlier when a Mexican restaurant opened in our Capitol Hill neighbourhood. Those nachos were delicious! I could have made them my entire meal, but how could anyone who has looked at and eaten nachos see any relationship between one of these and the adjective 'flat-nosed'?"

Wow, I thought some of Clapton's guns were rather tasteless. Here's a possibly NSFW Winchester Model 42. Just $12k and you could be an envy (or at least focus) of all your friends at the skeet range. Alternatively, perhaps this G-rated version is just the thing for the well-heeled little buckaroo in your life.

Saw this on The Trout Underground, found on the blogroll of Rebecca K. O'Connor's new site-
"The River Why" a long-time favorite of mine is being made into a movie. They'll surely screw it up. The fact that the referred article appears in the rather annoying "Outside" magazine doesn't encourage optimism (the Trout Underground guys do a much nicer job reporting than the magazine). It appears that the author isn't on board, either. Too bad- I'd like to see David James Duncan, make a mint. He's written a couple of very good books and it would be great if he got to see a monetary reward, even at the price of having one made into a bad movie.
Further, Brad Pitt isn't this one so there probably won't be a whole new generation ("horde") of fashionable fly fishers descending on the creeks and rivers. Hard to say, though, apparently some starlet of the moment is going to be fishing in the buff in one scene. Somehow, I don't think that'll inspire thousands of young guys to hit the rivers. I've wondered in the past- where did all that expensive gear go once the yuppie tide receded? I'd have thought there'd have been some deals on barely-used Ross reels and Sage rods & duds. Guess they're all gathering dust in various closets. Someday, though, they'll hit garage sales. I can do without most those early-90's Sage pool cues, but Ross's come with a lifetime guarantee and are awfully pretty, even if they don't do anything my Pflueger Medalists won't.

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