Friday, March 06, 2009


"Now, of course, it is carved somewhere on a rock that lifting your head is the expert's miss, but often nothing short of a slow-motion video will prove to the average shooter that he doesn't have his head down. Keeping your head down is one of the first rules, but I know a pretty fair shooter who wrote a good book on skeet and didn't go into detail on that part at all. I asked him why he didn't emphasize that part. He lowered his voice. 'I never put my head down,' he said. 'I just point the damned thing. That's why I don't care if the pull is seventeen inches or twelve, and I am not going to write about something I don't know any thing about.'
I think this proves shotgunning is partly supernatural."
(the late, great) Charley Waterman "Field Days"

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