Monday, July 04, 2011

Celebrating Independence Day

Well, one good way might be to barbecue. Outdoors, fire (only in a grill, plenty of other fire in the SW), beer, food- something any of those who fought for the nation's independence and ideals would likely be in favor of.

Perhaps ribs- here are country style ribs and a couple of racks of spareribs, rubbed with Mexican oregano, black pepper, salt, sweet paprika, powdered chipotle, red pepper flakes, allspice, and a pinch each of cinnamon and cumin. After spending most of the day in the rub, they came out of the refrigerator to get up to room temperature and went onto a slow fire with some chunks of oak and pecan on top.

Indirect heat only.

After two hours and change, we started brushing the ribs with barbecue sauce that we stirred up while the ribs were seasoning:


This is a good one if you like a sauce that it more acidic and tart, rather than sweet. The black coffee and the lime juice account for the acidic note. Another hour on the heat with frequent brushings of sauce made for a nice glaze and gave the meat enough time to break down and get tender. Not bad, even if I'm saying so myself.

As for us, in full disclosure those ribs are from last week. We've spent this past weekend alternating between goofing off and working. Up to Santa Fe for a wine festival and dinner with friends at a nice restaurant, then down to Abq. to do some things with a house that is, with any luck at all, nearly completely sold.

From Santa Fe the view of the Jemez Range was spectacular. From the mesas way down toward Cochiti and nearly as far south as Santa Ana, plumes of smoke ranging from small to darned big stretched all the way up to Santa Clara lands. The whole east side of that country is burning, one place or another. Not the fireworks anyone is looking for.

Driving south, though, we passed through some pretty good storms. It looks like the summer thundershowers are coming in, at least up in the mid and northern parts of the state. With any luck they'll knock down those fires pretty soon. Would that they work their way south, too.

Happy 4th!


Chas S. Clifton said...

Waiting for the monsoon to put the fires out, that's the story of this summer!

Mark Coleman said...

Almost did some ribs on Friday but got voted down by the rest of the bunch. Now I'm good and hungry. Might have to strike out on my own this week...

FC said...

Why do my grilling results never look quite that good?

Gary Thompson said...

Yummy! I recently broke down and finally bought a Big Green Egg. I've been wanting one for only 10 years! The entire ordeal has been fun escape into culinary excitement and will surely add another dimension to my outdoor shenanigans. Just what I need, another activity.

EcoRover said...

Excellent post with good pics & directions. I love BBQ and like trying new styles. Dang I've kicked myself 20X for boning those giant moose ribs last year rather than sucking it up & packing them out.