Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not entirely moribund

Apologies for the long absence. A and I have been getting out some, but work still consumes enough time and attention that any opportunity to tramp about is rare and prized enough that I seldom get around to writing about it. Turkey season passed without us getting out for a hunt and  we barely chased ducks, hardly pausing to put a little forkhorned buck in the freezer.

The fall is looking good, though. A did very well in the draw for big game licenses, lucking into a hard-to-draw cow elk hunt for mid-November, a first choice deer hunt in late October, and, most amazingly, a pronghorn rifle hunt for early October. I rode her coattails for deer and pronghorn, any tag I sought on my own (we split up to increase odds) went to someone else. Nonetheless, we're looking forward to good work, lots of hunts, and lots of meat this fall. Stock and sausage and shanks and steaks ..... In addition, we're looking at another run up to the Great Land to chase cohos, another highlight.

I'll revise the blogroll a bit, while infrequent posting is not cause for dropping a blog (I hope!) some folks seem to have left the web and others have shifted venue.

In the meantime, courtesy of a couple of days hard work the garden is in, if not up much, and we're hoping for some rain. The last two years, SE New Mexico has seen less precipitation than it will get in one normal year. So far this year, locally we've only had one measurable rainfall. 97 degrees F outside right now and  the dog is threatening to move to Montana.