Monday, June 20, 2011

ducking out

There is a little water down here. The river's blue line across the map is more thin than that drawn by the Rio Grande, but like almost anywhere else people settled in the Southwest, water flows. In addition, there are playa lakes in wet years and some more permanent ponds along the river valley. Consequently, there is some waterfowl hunting. On the last day of this last season, A, Booker and I headed out to some public access ponds to give the birds a try.

Unfortunately, the wind never did pick up, the weather was relatively warm and the birds, predictably, did not fly.

Those of us who hunt ducks learn that mirrored ponds, while photogenic, are of little help in attracting birds. Once it became clear that the wind wasn't going to kick up and the birds would not be trading around, we packed up to head out. Once I emerged from the reeds, a bird did flush from a bit further down the edge and flew, well, mostly flew, for cover. End of the season and all, I swung and fired, only to see him pitch into thick reeds where it took Booker a good fifteen minutes to nose him out.

Books did make the retrieve, though, the only one all season. I did it for the dog and, in the end, they all taste the same in gumbo, right?


Chas S. Clifton said...

A coot?

mdmnm said...

Doesn't poule d'eau sound better? Either way, yep, a coot.

Trout Caviar said...

Great to see you back in action, Mike. I enjoyed all the recent reports.


Matt said...

Now, I'm sure the second thought you had, after "Oh crap, it's a coot" was "How do I cook it?"

Answer found, as with most anything -- GUMBO!

mdmnm said...


Matt- I knew it was a coot when I dropped the hammer. I've been meaning to try one on the table for a while, just never found the right time to wallop a poor unsuspecting mud hen. Getting Books a retrieve on a slow day provided excuse enough.