Monday, September 06, 2010

Silver season

Fishing not blogging.

Perhaps a little bragging:

A silver salmon on the fly is probably right at the maximum level of fun.



Terry Scoville said...

Wow, you got that right. I spent a week in Alaska at a (undisclosed location) great place and did nothing but strip lines and get ripped by hot Silvers on dry flies. The constant drizzle, rain never let up. I had the line cracks and athletic tape on my fingers to prove it. What a thrill. Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy!

Chad Love said...

I'd say that was worth a little brag...

Nice. One of these days I'll make it to Alaska. Just hope it's not when I'm 80 and I'm on a geriatric's cruise...

mdmnm said...


A week of topwater action would be fantastic! We can get them chasing pollywogs every now and then, but not consistently.


I've only been to one area, but it looks like a postcard and has bear, moose, glaciers, big fish, astounding mountains and all the other things you'd expect. Definitely worth getting to as soon as circumstances permit.