Friday, September 17, 2010

AK again

Well, back from Alaska- another trip chasing coho salmon. Back in '07 we ran into a low water situation which kept a lot of fish from heading up stream during the period we were fishing, this year was something of a repeat of that. Consequently, it was another tough fishing (or, ha ha, catching) year.

Still, we did catch fish, mostly by hiking up one stream until past most other fishermen, then finding a pool holding fish that wanted to bite. Some just didn't. Others would offer to chase a lure or fly and then you'd get a strike.

Beautiful, sunny weather with little or no wind. Warm. I brought too much fleece and not enough t-shirts. Next year will probably be different. More black flies than before.

Great views, what with all those curtains of rain, drizzle or fog between you and the scenery.

A little brown bear kept showing up on one stream, but he wasn't aggressive towards fishermen.

I hope that he doesn't get enough salmon bits that he associates with humans to change that.

In addition to the silvers, there are some dolly varden in the streams, too. Every now and then one will whack an egg sucking leech. Egg flies will get more strikes.

I'm looking forward to a chance to get back up there.


danontherock said...

Looks like it was a great trip. Hope you have a great fall


mdmnm said...


It was very fine. Luck on your own season!