Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Various river scenes

We've been down on the Rio a few times recently. We still don't have that many ducks down here and the hunting has been a bit slow. Good fun, though.

A and her Ruger Red Label, sunrise:

Long time friend, good cook, and occasional commenter Matt on his inaugural duck hunt:

We had a good hunt, even if not too many birds were around and our shooting wasn't quite up to par. A few birds in the bag and nice weather- nothing to complain about. Unlike the next.

Fortunately, there's no video to go with this one- me, working on my balky autoloader. Can't imagine why it was acting up. Getting set up early doesn't do much good when you have to work on your gun in the dark. Having a single shot makes you really concentrate on the bird for your one try, too.

Booker, posing with bad grace next to a banded bird. That bird traveled all of seven miles from the banding site, not many northern birds down yet. Books was busy watching the sky and wanted to go find more, not fool around with cameras and a bird in the hand:

Last, a bittern in a riverside drain (may have to click on the photo to see anything). He had the good grace to act exactly as reputed, putting his beak in the sky and mimicking a reed or stump, rather than flying off.


Trout Caviar said...

Nice report. Dogs, birds, guns, a beautiful autumn day--what's not to like? Now waiting for the culinary side: confit of wild duck? seared mallard breast? I'm tucking in my napkin...! All best~ Brett

mdmnm said...



I need to put together a post on what we did with a couple of these birds, which formed the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner.

Matt said...

a couple went in my freezer, to be prepared later. Can hardly wait!