Tuesday, December 01, 2009

relative absence

Not much blogging lately, a trend that's likely to continue. A house on the market, a sale, moving & consolidating and various other things have cut down on time on the 'net. Heck, you can see the dog is neglected, pushing his ball under the fence in a vain effort to coax some fun out of a day of cleaning up the yard. No complaints, though, we've been having some fun as I'll detail in the next few posts. More on the horizon, too.


Matt Mullenix said...

I know how that is. :-) But be sure to keep hunting! Don't want to let the important things fall through the cracks.

mdmnm said...

Hey Matt,

There has been a bit of a Mullenix-absence over at Q, now that I reflect on it. No worries on the hunting, we're heading over to your Panhandle stomping grounds here shortly.