Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Last year, my sister's Micky was all feet and fuzz. This year, he just passed his NAVHDA Natural Ability Test (2nd Prize). Now his sights are set on the Utility Test.

I hear he'd also like to try on some wild birds. Hmmm, there's a dove split going to open before too long in Texas.


Andrew Campbell said...

Congrats to Mickey! How is his ground coverage? I'd agree that he like several other wirehair vizslas I've met is a good looking boy, but have yet to see one run.


hcmtx said...

Andrew. I watched Mickey in his natural ability test this past weekend. His ground coverage is excellent I believe. In short cover, i.e. mowed pasture about 6 inches high, he moved at a high lope out to 200 yds or so but when he hit the brush he slowed down, put his nose to the ground and stayed within about 50 yards, what I thought was perfect for quail work. HCMTX

EcoRover said...

Thanks for stopping by at EcoRover and giving me a hand in finding your good site. I grew up in a hound-raising (fox, coon, rabbit -- if a dog would chase it we'd hunt it) family in Appalachia and spent many happy days afield with friends shooting upland birds over good dogs, so really enjoy browsing your site. Nowadays, I've got a mostly-companion dog (young lab-border collie cross) but she got right onto our big blue grouse this fall, so who knows?

mdmnm said...

Thanks yourself and, welcome!

Sounds like your companion has a good chance of developing into a companion/grouse hunter. Those lab genes will likely out.

Ben G. said...

Congrats glad to hear he passed his test.