Thursday, November 05, 2009

more blogroll additions

Alt-country music, food, & bird hunting with Eight More Miles.

Environmental recovery, hunting and tramping about in and around Butte Montana with Ecorover.

Outdoors, books, movie reviews, & much more at Macaroni. Check out the sea caves of Lake Superior.

Fishing, duck hunting- is that a Chesapeake? Wait, no, a chocolate lab. Huh, never seen one of those before.... Sorry, Chessie revenge for the approx. 300 times I've heard "is that a chocolate lab?" over the last two years. General wandering around in hills and hardwoods in NE Iowa with Wandering Owl at Wandering Owl Outside.


Chad Love said...

That Eight More Miles blog is a pretty good read...

Scampwalker said...

Thanks for the shout out, gents. I've added your blogs to my roll... I've enjoyed discovering them both.

Chad Love said...

Had a chance to peruse the others as well. Good stuff.

As for the chocolate lab/chessie question, I got so sick of that question when I'd take my first chessie on walks around the OU campus that I started making up completely bogus breed names in response.

For all I know there are still people out there trying in vain to find out where they can purchase a Mongolian Dugashi pup like that one they saw in Norman wayback in 94...

mdmnm said...

Scampwalker- Welcome and, thanks!

Those guys are all doing some interesting stuff with good photos and nice writing. Next best thing to being there.
I'll have to remember "Mongolian Dugashi". I'm always surprised at the number of folks who've never heard of CBRs. Growing up reading outdoor stuff, I'd long read about the dogs, even if I never encountered one.