Monday, November 17, 2008

Season in Progress

Duck season has been open for a couple of weeks now and we've been out for it a few times. At the open, the trees were still in nearly full color:

but this last weekend it was finally cold enough for frost to form on the vegetation and on the Chessie:

Nonetheless, and as usual for our southwest duck hunts, bluebird weather has been the rule.

Lots of debris in the river keeps wiping out decoys and requiring that they be re-set.

Wait, what's missing from all this?

That's right: ducks!
Few birds seem to be down our way so far and hunting has been very slow. The first couple of weekends also suffered from lots of other hunters being on the river. Some of those other hunters set up unfortunately close to us, an inevitable complication on public land and a real annoyance. That's just the price of free access.
I haven't come up with the killer set so far, but then so few ducks have looked at my attempts that it has been pretty hard to tweak the spread. Consequently, Booker has only had a few retrieves. Last weekend, a single bunch of teal tolled in and he got a chance to retrieve the drake I knocked down.

Despite the lack of shooting it has been an interesting season so far and I'm optimistic that we'll start getting into birds as more make their way south and we refine our game. I hope everyone else's fall is going as well.


Reid Farmer said...

They are coming in here now - have been over the last couple of weeks. Should be down your way soon.

Or you could come up here

mdmnm said...

I look forward to seeing them! As for travel, between family & holiday travel, an elk hunt, and a trip to the Tx Panhandle for pheasant, time & budget are both committed to the new year, maybe the rest of the season.