Sunday, November 02, 2008


Recently we had our first freeze. Pretty late this year and following on a warm fall. A had scads of tomatoes coming off, particularly cherry tomatoes, so in addition to picking the green tomatoes to ripen in newspaper we decided to try something new and use some of the green cherries for pickles.

We added pearl onions and a couple of strips of yellow hot pepper to a basic dilled tomato pickle recipe. Here's the mis en place of the spices and onions to go in each jar:

Canner coming to a boil:

No pictures of the actual canning process, we were way too busy stuffing jars, pouring the hot pickling liquid over the fruit and then getting the jars closed and into the canner to take any photos. It was an interesting process and, with any luck, a tasty result and a good way to take advantage of some garden excess.


Langdon Cook said...

Good call. I might need to follow yr lead b/c the PNW tomato crop, specifically the one in our back yard, was a complete dud this year. THanks for the inspiration.

mdmnm said...

Thanks, finspot!

We had a really strange year for tomatoes, too, but the cherries came on strong at the end. I'm really not looking forward to running out here in a week or so.

Beverly said...

Well, ya had me going for awhile, till I looked at the enlarged photo; I thought you meant actual cherries! Sheeshhhhhhhhh

Looks like you had a lovely crop of cherry tomatoes, and what a cool way to save ‘em for later! Between you and the guy over at (he LOVES pickled things)…I may have to start canning again!

Thanks for sharing…I do hope you let us know how they turned out.