Monday, July 28, 2008

Hunting the wild mushroom

This weekend A., the dog and I headed south through mist and fog to Querencia country and, with a little expert guidance, joined the denizens (and visitor) therein for a mushroom hunt.

There we found a few bolete (mostly Suillus, rather than King)mushrooms, which are just starting to appear.

Along the way we saw a ferruginous hawk, kestrels, Abert's squirrels, pronghorns, and great whacking stretches of country where the Plain of San Augustine has turned green with the rains.

Some of these were incorporated into a very nice risotto-

which we enjoyed with some New Mexico wine, lots of conversation, and watched over by tazi-

and falcon-

followed by more wine, dropping by long dog/falconer/hunters, gun admiring, food talk, book talk, outdoors talk, tales of the perils of modern mail order, and all other parts of a very fine afternoon and evening.

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Matt Mullenix said...

I am too jealous.