Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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First, a link (with photo) to an article about a Florida biologist who jumped into the water to prevent a tranquilized black bear from drowning. One burly biologist!

Next, a good article by Robert Levy (co-counsel for the winning side) on the consequences of the Heller decision regarding the DC firearms ban. Nice bit of non-legalese discussing the decision. Beyond that article are responses by Dennis Henigan (lawyer and employee of the Brady anti-gun group who worked on their amicus brief), Dave Kopel (lawyer who has been active in Second Amendment research and advocacy for years and contributed to an amicus brief as well), and Erwin Chemerinsky (law prof who put together a very good constitutional law textbook, but who is completely at sea with respect to the Heller decision and 2nd Amendment scholarship). Edited to add a link to a fun take on the Chemerinsky sort of view on the Heller case.

Again from the Field & Stream "Field Notes" blog, a link to the infuriating story of Kirt Darner, famous among hunters for killing the largest number of mule deer to make it into the record books and appearing in prominent ads for Remington rifles which recounted that claim. I recall reading one of Darner's books back in the '80s and being impressed with his dedication. I also recall coming across one of his letters to the editor in an issue of the New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish wildlife magazine from back in the 70's. Darner turns out to be a fraud who, among other things has been operating a 40 acre "ranch" in New Mexico where he has been selling hunts. I personally do not think a fair chase elk hunt is possible on 40 acres. In any event, the guy gives all hunters a black eye.

From Never Yet Melted, a post with links about a Bronze Age burial find. What makes this more interesting is that genetic testing reveals that descendants of one of the family groups in the burial still live nearby some three thousand years later. Shades of Cheddar Man!

David Lebovitz' blog. This is the man who has written the book on ice cream and on his site you will find lots of recipes (I recently essayed his "easy jam tart"), informed writing on chocolate, snapshots of living in Paris, and other interesting things.

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