Wednesday, January 28, 2009

around the web

Interested in a shotgun with Damascus or twist steel barrels? Lots of information found here. Safe, safe for black powder, or dangerous, some beautiful barrels (scroll down for pictures).

From the Gun Nut blog at Field and Stream, breaking clay birds with a bass casting outfit. Another post there contains a Youtube clip of a program featuring lots of slow motion photography of shotgunning.

A ten worst films list for 2008. This one is notable because of the common sense approach. I quote: "Worst lists are somewhat disingenuous. The truly worst films of the year are always the cheapie slasher flicks and pretentious independent films Blockbuster only buys a single copy of. But my definition of worst is 'worst experience', as in crushing disappointment, as in There’s A Special Place In Hell For All Involved And We Call It 'The George Lucas Wing.'" Found via Bore Patch, which seems like a pretty good blog.

Page for a rescue Chessie which was turned over to a shelter for knocking over a toddler and chasing a kitten- in the embedded video the foster folks spend the last thirty seconds putting a cat in front of and on the dog while he holds a sit and tries to figure out what the game is, without chasing it. "So there! dog abandoning feckless people!" is how I interpret that. Pretty dog, too.

Last, the Smithsonian Magazine now has a food blog.


LabRat said...

God DAMN you now I want that dog a lot.

mdmnm said...


Aren't three company? Just $250 and he's yours, there's even a Chessie Rescue volunteer in Abq. and they'd probably arrange transportation.

Is this helping?

Ted said...

Mdmnm, thanks for the kind words!

LabRat said...