Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Too young

When the ever-loving bleeding hell did the thing on the left get re-packaged as the thing on the right? The new container is a "convenient weekend size" package of Coleman fuel. I never had a problem with the square-edged can and felt that it was about right for a weekend. Things might get wet and I might have a hard time getting a fire started.

I like Coleman lanterns; I like their sound, I like their smell, I like the thirty second grace period they give you to get in your sleeping bag before the light they provide completely fades, and I love their reliability and the fact that a hundred-year-old design is still going strong.

I love Coleman stoves a bit less, as they are more troublesome to keep running smoothly, but I've never seen a really decent substitute when it comes to cooking in a base camp.

I never thought much about Coleman fuel. It keeps the lanterns and stoves running. I stuck to the brand-name stuff rather than other brands. The cans are sturdy and seal well, I pack them up against the lantern in a protected corner of my truck bed. I don't like this new container, though, or the pricing. What genius thought that round was a good idea? Do truck beds, liquor boxes, or even panniers come in round shapes? What the heck is the deal with 32 ounces being convenient for a weekend? A transparent lie- clearly the copywriter has not sat up late at night with a couple of good friends, too many bottles of wine, a guttering fire and a softly glowing lantern- nor had to cobble together hangover mitigating biscuits and gravy the next morning, coffee and gravy courtesy of the Coleman stove.

I thought I was a little young to be grouchy about changes, but apparently not. Doom.

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