Monday, June 04, 2007

Playing with a Querencia theme

Reid Farmer recently put up a photo of himself as a youth with a stringer of nice Ozark trout. Matt Mullenix chimed in with a photo of his own early start. Then Bodio contributed a classy black and white snap of himself as a young man with woodcock and double gun. Who doesn't dig old photos? Since summer is nigh and a young man's thoughts turn to fishing (see the last two posts), I thought I'd treat the subject as a meme and put up one of my own. My maternal grandfather and I, circa approx. 1978, South Texas and a few stock tank bass:


Reid Farmer said...

Fishing with your grandpa is the best isn't it?

mdmnm said...


Yeah, it really is.

Steve Bodio said...

16 gauge Parker VH non- ejector with 26" barrels, long gone, FYI.