Monday, September 02, 2013

The season begins

Gotta get taped up before the big day:

A couple of layers of vet wrap and some duct tape go a long way toward mitigating hot sand, grass burrs, and mesquite thorns.

We had a decent dove opener. One slow-ish day, one with plenty of opportunities. Booker even got a water retrieve:

Dad used his Ithaca 37 (49 years of bird shooting with that gun) to run a limit at 1.5 shells per bird. For me, it required 3.15 shells per bird (and, I just realized, 25 years of shooting my Citori). I didn't quite limit but it wasn't for lack of opportunity. A isn't discussing her average right now. She's only been shooting a shotgun for five years at this point.

Booker is just glad to get out and pick up a bird, even if it is a hundred degrees out there.

Hope everyone else had a good start to the best time of year.

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