Sunday, October 09, 2011

You can

see our house from here:

One of the things you have to love about New Mexico is that most places within the state's borders, you can see a pretty decent mountain. Of course, it might be a hundred miles away, but there is always high country on the horizon. The view above is from a mountain pretty near (that is to say, under a hundred miles) to our new digs. From this peak given a moderately clear day, you can see to where we are down on the plains. Under two hours from dusty heat and agriculture to aspens, fir, and cool breezes.


EcoRover said...

Great scene. What do you supposed killed all those trees--beetles, or?

EcoRover said...

I do love the way our open spaces in the West create a new sense of distant perspective. Hunted elk with a "prairie guy" this year and it seriously bothered him to be in trees with no view of surrounding mtns.