Friday, October 22, 2010


On one of our grouse hunts, A came across our first lobster mushroom:

As with some other first mushrooms, this guy was pretty unmistakable when seen in the flesh.

Unfortunately, it was late in the season and that guy had been up for a while; the bugs had found him first and, rather than the crisp white flesh described in the books and on the 'net, he was a soft, bug riddled mass. Still, is was great to see and positively identify a new (and prized edible) species. Further, we've duly noted the location and will give it all due attention next year.


Steve Bodio said...

What altitude was it? Our theory is that our near mountains are (just) too low--??

mdmnm said...

Hey Steve,

You'd mentioned to me that you thought the lobsters were found up high. This one was about 9,000 feet in mixed spruce, aspen, & pine, not far at all from where we'd found cauliflower mushrooms and ceps a month earlier.