Friday, June 25, 2010


A few additions to the blog roll, a couple of which I've been meaning to add for a good while.

Long stalks, tense ambushes, tricky shots, and more, including movies, culture, and recipes for the lagomorphs collected. Rabbit Stew, Hubert Hubert's blog (mostly) on rabbit stalking with an air rifle in England.

Tovar Cerulli's thoughtful blog: A Mindful Carnivore, which, among other things, features a lot of thought about hunting from a former vegan who turned to hunting in part as a way of ensuring ethical meat.

Beautiful landscape photos of the Southwest at Crest, Cliff, & Canyon by Jackson, also known as Peculiar of Odious and Peculiar. If you can't get out in a big landscape yourself, get a taste of one there.

Last, there is author and gun writer Tom McIntyre's blog, McIntyre Hunts, pointed out by Steve Bodio at Querencia and Chas Clifton at Southern Rockies Nature blog.


Tovar said...

Thanks very much for the shout-out!

mdmnm said...

You're welcome!

Steve Bodio said...

I'll thank you on behalf of Jack (and for myself above!)-- he is on the Salmon but I have sent notice.

mdmnm said...

Steve- what a great place to be! I'd include O&P on the blogroll, but then it'd look just like several others'. As for that above, I've been waiting for months for the appropriate weather to drop it- best description of what it's like to be in a Southwest "monsoon".

Peculiar said...

Thanks Mike! I definitely appreciate it. Some Idaho photos soon, with any luck!

mdmnm said...

Hey Jackson,

Looking forward to an account of your trip down the River of No Return!

Welcome, too, for the overdue inclusion.

Hubert Hubert's Blog said...

Thank you for this, mate!

Hubert Hubert