Friday, February 05, 2010

End of the Duck Season

Last weekend saw the end of duck hunting, the end of fall, really, as I see it. We didn't get out, being busy with other worthwhile pursuits, but we did make a last hunt the weekend before.

We set up on the west side of the river, bad because you face back into the rising sun, but thorough camouflage and plenty of overhanging vegetation on the steep bank mitigated the problem.

The ducks liked the spot we set up pretty well, so we had some birds dropping in, mostly right over our heads. Hard shooting, but fun.

That banded bird on the end picked up his jewelry two weeks earlier and twenty miles away. Not a whole lot of info for the biologists, I'm afraid.

Since it runs ninety days, I always feel like I have worlds of time when duck season starts. Lots of weekends to get out, chances to tweak the set up, find different spots, adjust to the ever-changing river. All of the sudden, the holidays are done and only a day or two is left. Looking back, we didn't make all that many hunts after all. I think there is a lesson in there about taking advantage of a situation while you can.

Next year!


Matt said...

As usual, Mr. mdmnm is being humble and failed to mention his " scotch double." That's how to end the season!

Terry Scoville said...

That is a fine bunch of fat looking Mallards and a band to boot! That's ending on a high note I'd say. Good shooting and next year's opener is already a day closer.

danontherock said...

Looks like your last day out was a great one. I always say I can't wait until next season but this year I am trying to appreciate everyday instead of wishing time away

Matt Mullenix said...

Hard to believe the hunting season is almost over. I know now why so many folks get into turkey hunting in their later years... a bit more time in the field when schedules are so tight with work, et al.

A friend splits his year evenly between falconry and fly fishing so has a satisfying pursuit for every week of the year. Ah, some folks manage miracles.

mdmnm said...


Can't be bragging and tempting the red gods or the imps of shotgunning.

Terry-Thanks! Looks like you've been having a great late season as well!

That's the best way to look at things, no doubt. We had one more hunt after this, though not for ducks. I hope to post on that pretty soon.


Turkey hunting is a lot of fun and comes at an otherwise slow time outdoors for a lot of us. Still doesn't help much with March, though, which is by far my least favorite month in NM. Now, with leisure to travel for fly fishing, that'd be the ticket!

Chad Love said...

Nice score on the band! Looks like you had a great hunt.

I went bandless once again this year. I've pretty much given up hope of ever actually shooting a banded bird so I'm going to figure out something else to string on my lanyard.

Popcorn, maybe...

mdmnm said...


In my case, it apparently helps a great deal to hunt very close to the banding location, as one banded bird I got this year had traveled all of ten miles, the other about six.