Thursday, September 10, 2009

back from

There was water; this is the view from the porch:

The dark stuff in the foreground is turtlegrass, frequented by sea turtles that managed to escape photography.

Various aquatic crabs, including the hermit:

and land crabs by the thousand:

and fish:

So, given the fish, how was the fishing?

Slow, for us:

Fugu, anyone?

More seriously, it was a new place that required some scouting out. About the time we were starting to get some ideas, it was time to leave. We had some success:

Out island of the Bahamas- Long Island. It's really amazing where a long day's travel will take you.


Mike Spies said...

Love the Caribbean. I spend a lot of time in Jamaica, but have never been to the Bahamas. Looks like a great trip!

Chad Love said...

Congrats on your wedding (via Bodio's blog).

The first year of marriage is sort of like an acid trip.
The overwhelming permanence, legality and formality of it takes a bit of getting used to for formerly freewheeling and unentangled people, even if you've been shacking up for quite a while beforehand (which of course is what my wife and I did...)

But it's a lot of fun, too...

mdmnm said...

I've enjoyed your Jamaica posts. I'd been to Belize, but never the Bahamas, either. It was really nice and I look forward to getting back down there.