Thursday, July 02, 2009

follow up

The truffle benefactors also gifted us with some black morels. While you can read about morels and look at pictures of morels, any numbers of paeans to them don't really do justice to actually trying fresh morels in cream sauce, in this instance on a bit of pasta with some cold sliced leftover elk. Wow!

I know morels lurk in the mountains around here, so far I just haven't been able to figure out where. One of these days, though.


Anonymous said...

Not familiar with black morels, but the "regular" morels I am used to from the midwest and western MT are easily found in burned areas from the previous year. So find out where the wildfires or prescribed fires were and take a hike!

mdmnm said...


Thanks! I've checked out a couple of burns, but I've been too soon/late and/or too high/low. Getting keyed in to the morels would be great.