Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dinner blog

So, what's for dinner?

Well, I was just in South Texas and courtesy of my Uncle's generosity and my cousin's good shooting, along with a little help from my Dad and myself, we got on the right side of a few quail. Those tasty little guys are best, to my mind, fried, so Sunday dinner was reminiscent of flavors of my childhood. For a long time, I considered cream gravy to be "quail gravy". I don't shoot many quail any more and fry food even less, so I was gratified when everything came out ok, if not quite exactly how I was aiming for.

Black-eyed peas, greens with tomatoes (& garlic & wine, not quite Southern, but good), rice, cream gravy, fried quail and a homemade loaf.

What to drink with such S. Texas fare? Why not a crisp mild prosecco? Not exactly southern, coming from the Veneto region of Italy, but a nice foil for the generally mild flavors. Besides, something stronger than ice tea is called for when facing the prospect of going back to work after the long weekend.

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