Friday, May 30, 2008

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Over at the Volokh Conspiracy there's post about and a link to a news report regarding a concealed carry license holder who used his weapon to stop a bar shooting, though not before two had been killed and two wounded. He apparently shot the gunman as the killer was reloading. Unfortunately, the comments denigrate into all too predictable posturing.

Fortunately, as anodyne and a change of subject, from HunterAnglerGardnerCook one can find his way over to UK blog Sporting Shooter, who has a post with a great link to foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay in one of his British shows going ferreting with his eight year old son. They catch a couple of rabbits (though not Florida football style). After that, they show the boy how to field dress them (they don't do it the way I learned, which is to skin first, then gut). What a cool show! I don't watch the outdoor programs, but back when I did catch a few things like field dressing were never addressed, aside from the occasional "how to" segment. Kudos to Ramsay, for including a segment like that in a food show. He seems to have a bit of a different face for this show- no swearing or confrontation for over two minutes. I hope it makes its way to BBC America.

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