Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Times changing

Well, this guy's world-

just got a lot more annoying. Now he has to share his house with this guy:

who is way too big, loud, slobbery, and just generally enthusiastic.

Of course, while the first one is pretty darn good on mice and other assorted pests, he isn't much for ducks.


Henry Chappell said...

You got your Chessie? Contgrats! Tell us more! Names, dates, bloodline, quirks, latest destruction/calamity. Don't hold back!

And more pics, please!

mdmnm said...

Hey Henry,

Thanks! For name, he came with "Booker", which may stick if nothing better comes up pretty quick. I've only been with him for five days and, for bloodlines, well, he's a shelter dog. All Chessie, but his history ends in a shelter in East Texas. So far, no calamity, but I know that's coming! I'm just happy that this evening he pointed a pigeon under the bird feeder- a point that would have done an Elhew proud, high tail and all. Birdy signs are very encouraging. Now the hard-headed bit, that not so much!

Chas S. Clifton said...

Oh-oh, I think I see that Chessie look that says, "You gonna make me? You and whose army?"

When you want to smack him with a 2x4, stop and say, "My Chessie is a sensitive dog. My Chessie is a sensitive dog."

mdmnm said...


Thanks for the advice! He may be sensitive, but dang he's set on doing it his way! Still early days, though, and we're having fun. Grouse are just around the corner!