Monday, January 29, 2007

fall is almost over

At least, fall is almost over in the sense that the last couple of hunting seasons are winding down. Ducks closed last weekend. Goose season (snow geese, anyway) goes on for a bit and a couple of weeks are left during which quail are legal, but that's about it.

I got out a couple of more times for ducks. I never did figure out a spread that really appealed to the birds, but I did get into a few. Enough for a batch of gumbo and a couple of dinners, anyway. I also had a couple of really beautiful mornings on the river, which was nice. My last hunt, a kingfisher sat out on a stump in the middle of my decoys for a good long while. Everytime I would move to check for incoming ducks, he'd cuss me a bit. Sort of the bird version of a red squirrel "something here isn't right- hey, everybody! look at that lump over there- it moves!".

Time to thoroughly clean and put away the duck gun and start thinking about fishing. Hope everyone else had a good season.

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