Friday, October 01, 2010

how's that historic?

Noticing quite a bit of smoke in the mountains to the north, I did a quick internet search for new stories on any forest or brush fires up there. I found out about the source of the smoke (a controlled burn), but also came across a news story from the past summer that made me wonder a bit. In relevant part:

"The Red Fern Fire about 13 miles east of Cuba (New Mexico) is reported at 120 acres and also is zero percent contained.
The fire is threatening one cabin and is reported to have burned a historic outhouse Thursday.
The Forest Service did not provide details on the history of the outhouse."

So, how does one find an outhouse historic? Someone famous used the facility? Died in there? I don't think there were ever any battles in the Jemez Mountains for an outhouse to have survived or been utilized during. Darn it, now I'm going to spend hours trying to figure this out.

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