Monday, May 17, 2010

pasque flowers

A few weeks ago we came across a nice stand of pasque flowers in a not-too-old burn.

Kind of appropriate given that one of the names for the flowers is "prairie smoke".

So, how many morels are in this picture?

Hope you didn't spend too long looking, as the answer is "none". This is a second spring trying to find black morels. We know they can be found in NM, if rarely. A local restaurant has a commercial forager that brought some in one time while we were there. He found them "at about 8,000 feet" in a mountain range that is fifty miles long and has at least that much elevation for pretty much the whole distance. So far, we've gotten some time on the ground and established places where the mushrooms aren't, at least at the time we were there, assuming that we didn't overlook them.....

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