Saturday, February 06, 2010

good show

Fred Eaglesmith came through town last night. Neil of AMP arranges good shows and this one was a bargain, $15 on a Friday night. We've missed Eaglesmith on his way through town before, so we jumped at this chance, though I saw the notice of the show only a day or so off.

You've probably heard a Fred Eaglesmith song before, even if you haven't heard of him. He's written lots of things that've been covered pretty successfully by various folk and country performers.

Eaglesmith explained how he was going to go to Nashville but had a standing date at the Red Mug in Minnesota and couldn't make it down there. This was my first time to his show and I was surprised how good his voice is, in a gravelly singer-songwriter alt-country (Canadiana?) sort of way. He talks, tells stories and jokes and generally has a good time so that you do, too. Check out his schedule, he's heading west from NM and then'll be back in points east and north. If he's in your neck of the woods you'd be lucky to catch him.

Not my video, but a pretty good representation of the show (although the sound is better live):

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