Friday, January 22, 2010

Goose, goose, goose

Last year we happened into a Greater Canada Goose.

This year, we prepped a bit more, put out a couple of goose decoys just off the duck spread. I even packed a goose call and practiced my "her- onk!" a bit. Didn't matter much, as I didn't call at 'em. Another slow day for ducks. New spot, and the ducks weren't liking the spread. After an hour, though it was still prime time, we loaded up all the blocks and moved upriver a couple of hundred yards to where a couple of bunches had gone in. We were just set up when a small bunch of mallards landed at the tail end of the spread, then took off to a couple of hasty shots that didn't score. "Here we go", I thought "we're in the spot". However, the flights pretty much stopped and no more birds came in, to speak of.

We were standing up, discussing packing it in, when I looked downriver and saw a bunch of birds. Geese! We got down and watched them come- fourteen or so big Canadas. They didn't call, so I didn't call either, and they set wings and came right in.

One goose per hunter made for a pretty good day:

First goose retrieve for Booker, who seems to have left his limber tail woes behind:

Goose frites, goose leg confit, stock or soup. A morning of watching, a few moments of excitement, and a number of good meals to follow.


Live to Hunt.... said...

Most excellent! Sounds like a fun day on the river. Those big boys are fun to shoot.

Matt said...

I know everyone is admiring my $100 shotgun...

Terry Scoville said...

What a bonus,congrats. Glad Booker has his rudder back to working order too.

Chad Love said...

Congrats. I'm still debating on whether to go on a dedicated goose hunt before the season ends next month.

I've got permission to hunt some winter wheat fields the geese are hammering right now butin terms of decoys all I've got are a dozen floaters.

Hell, after seeing your pics maybe I'll just prop 'em up...

mdmnm said...

Live to Hunt,
It was a fun day and those Canadas are huge when they get right in.

Thanks! No ice breaking like your most recent goose adventure.

Heck, I'd give it a try. I have some duck decoys with removable keels so that they can be used in fields, but I've never hunted with them on land to see how that works.