Friday, September 21, 2007


Happy weekend to you all.

Coming right up on the first day of fall, calendar-wise.

The new Pratchett is out, better still, in my possession. The truck is loaded, weather looks clear, and the dog and I are going up to some high country to see if we can't find a bird or two. I threw in the four-weight, just in case we're really successful or just need to splash around. A couple of bottles of wine, a nice chunk of backstrap, and some other goodies are ready to go in the ice chest in the morning. Hope everyone else is doing as well.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get your dog into some birds. I live in Newfoundland and am taking my two setters out for ptarmigan shortly. I enjoy your fine blog.

mdmnm said...

Hey Dan,

Good to hear from you! You're probably the most distant reader of this blog. I'd like to hear about your ptarmigan. Are they in coveys or singles? Do you hunt cover or open country? What sort of setters do you hunt with?

Happy fall, man!