Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Recipe, or perhaps prescription for the alleviation of general workday ennui:
12 oz. of elk steak, grilled over charcoal 'til warm red in the center
6 oz. of oak leaf lettuce, torn into pieces and tossed with a vinagerette
6 oz. of boiled new potatoes, sliced and fried brown in a bit of olive oil, with fresh ground pepper and salt
10 oz. of Beringer '04 North Coast merlot

1 oz. of Balvenie Double Wood 12yo Single Malt, to tamp all of the above down

digest the above with a familiar and favored book

Play Cowboy Junkies' "Trinity Session" followed by Coltrane's "Ballads"

Note marked reduction of ennui


davette said...
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davette said...
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davette said...

If I substitute the elk steak for, say, a chicken breast or a salmon filet, might I achieve the same effect? I have an aversion to eating things with antlers.

I have no similar aversion to the Cowboy Junkies or Coltrane, though I might be tempted to substitute "Ballads" for "John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman" and set "Lush Life" to repeat.

Either way, thanks for the scrip. I think I'll take two this weekend can call the doctor on Monday.

brbiswrite said...

I don't have a recipe to share, only a memory. Camping with my Dad and any other neighborhood kids he could find, we cooked the small trout from the stream over a campfire. Put as many 8-10 inch trout as you could in the pan with butter, salt, pepper and the ash blowing in from the fire. Pick the meat from the bones and sigh. Lots of hot chocolate and grahams completed the feast.


Steve Bodio said...

You are making me salivate. Good music too...

mdmnm said...

That memory sounds pretty much like a recipe to me!

DaVette- I don't know, the taste of something wild is a big part of the whole deal for me. Consequently, salmon might well work, but I'm not too sure about chicken.

Steve- thanks! I don't think Cowboy Junkies are going to make it into our part of the world this summer, more's the pity.